Living Green

The Living Green Environmental Program is run on Fridays at Eppalock Prmary School for all students. The following information is from our Environmental Teacher, Lydia Fehring.

I am very excited to be a part of the Eppalock community and I am really looking forward to teaching the Living Green program every Friday. I have lots of plans for the program in the coming 12 months and I wanted to let you know what is happening in the classroom.

I will be running a sustainability, garden and cooking program with all grades over the coming year on a rotational basis.  For example the prep-grade 2's will garden and cook one Friday from 9.30-11am and the grade 3-6's will engage in a sustainability unit from 11.30-1.30pm.  The following Friday will see the prep-2's learning about sustainability 9.30-11am and the 3-6's gardening and  cooking from 11.30-1.30pm.

In time I will be looking for volunteers to help out with the gardening and cooking in particular.  I will let you know when this will begin as we need to get some basics in place both in and out of the classroom before these activities can begin in earnest!
The school has been successful in obtaining a grant from the City of Greater Bendigo (thanks Vanessa!) to install a watering system in the veggie garden.  This will happen soon and then we can start our seasonal planting which will involve every grade.

Being new to the school it would be great to find out if you are interested in helping the program in any way.  If you are interested I helping or would like to share your knowledge in or outside the classroom about a particular topic please let me know and I will fit it in.

In Term 1 we will be focussing on waste, in particular 'Where is away?'. If you have the time, ask your child about what they are learning in Living Green.
I look forward to meeting you and welcome your interest, help and feedback in the program.  My email address is

Give peas a chance!
Lydia Fehring
Sustainability Teacher